• The school's curriculum is FACES which is adapted and modified to meet the unique needs of the students and the cultural requirements of the country, objectives of ASDAN are also incorporated in it. Khalifa School curriculum reflects school’s mission learning objectives and policies.

    At the start of each year, the present functioning level of students is assessed by the teacher using formal and informal assessment tools. An individualized educational program (IEP) is developed for each student stating the annual goals and short-term objectives. A parent meeting is held to finalize the IEP goals. The multi-disciplinary team participates in IEP development.

    The long-term goals are broken down further into short-term objectives and are implemented in the daily and weekly lessons. Teachers employ various educational .methods such as TEACCH, PECS, etc.

    The objectives are evaluated and is recorded in the IEP bank document. Conferences are held quarterly to inform parents of their child’s progress.

    The staff members attend various professional development courses related to curriculum design.